The Evil Gummy Bears

The gummy bear that stole my shoe was red
And when he did this I was really blue
No matter what I did he always said
"You don't know what to say, you have no clue
A hot french fry will stab you in the eye
And all the world will turn a dreary black
And ev'ryone around you will be shy
And in your bum a fragile piece will crack
Nothing you do will lead to any cheer
And now I will haunt you with a big dog
Inside you will always feel the bad fear
And french frys will come out of the dark fog"
And now I squeeze my lucky rubber duck
And with the evil gummy bears, I'm stuck

Self Mutilization

Whoever said cutting oneself was wrong?
It's quite the addictive hobby
It starts with a mere cut on the finger with a kitchen knife of some sort
Then slowly it grows to where you're lying to everyone about where your scratches and cuts came from
Then you start to actually get into it and start making deeper cuts
Soon you start to laugh instead of cry because you don't know what's going on anymore
Music is your best healer, but it usually makes you want to do it even more
Then you start to faint due to the lack of blood
Your body becomes your canvas for a a portrait of only one color: red
And your knives and swords become pencils
And in time, they too become red
Then, in turn, your toungue becomes red as you lick the pleasurable pain away
It's sweet, and yet at the same time, seductive
Nothing can heal us
We were just meant to be this way
No matter what, we can't and won't stop
Sometimes it's the ridicule that takes us
Sometimes we see it as our punishment for not being good enough
And sometimes it's our own confusion that leads us into the broken world of self mutilization

Saviors of the Night

In the darkness of the night
I feel all alone
There's no one in sight
I slowly die on my own
But yet there's a presence
One I can't detect
And then I see in the distance
A light that I inspect
No need for me to move
As the light comes towards me
No time for me to dissaprove
And then it's you I see
You take me in your arms
And dare venture to say
No need to sound the alarms
For you're here to save the day
You set me up to stand on my feet
And now we're surrounded by pinks and blue
I look at you and our eyes meet
And the heavens hear the words
"I love you"