Surprise, Surprise...

by Veronica Crabtree

I must have him.

Eyes the color of saphires with flecks of cat-eye green. Streaight blue-black hair that fell across his shoulders like a horse's mane. Skin the color of a white rose with a hint of peach. Only one problem.

He was a commoner.

Never have I looked upon a more beautiful sight. I reaised my hand for my guards carrying my traveling piece to stop. How could he have skin that clolor here in Egypt? I leaned towards my most trusted guard, Xavier, and pointed to the man.

"I want him as my personal servant."

He glanced at the figure. "Yes, my queen," he replied with sudden disgust. I gave him a questioning glare. He started at the challenge. "He, he's a trouble-maker. Not matter what we do, he won't die. We've tried everything my..." he trailed off as I got out of my traveling piece and moved toward the man.

"He could harm you my lady!"

I kept walking to the mysterious man. When I reached the man, I snapped my fingers and he quickly looked up. A feeling of pleasure came over me at my power, but soon passed as the man returned the same expression.

He was pleased to see the ruler of Egypt approach him?

I put on a look of indifference. "Your name, knave." I demanded.

A smile played across his mouth. A beautiful smile by far, gone as queckly as it had come. "Ze'kya, m'lady."

I looked at him in askance. "What kind of a name is that?" I played with the name, forming it on my lips--a strange name indeed.

"Well," I said, my feeling of power returning to me, "I hope you enjoy serving royalty, Ze'kya." I kept stumbling over the name, it seemed achient almost. "Xavier, take him." I turned around wanting to see him sturggle. Instead, I found myself being watched in amusement--his hands held out in surrender to my guard. A strange name indeed.

I wandered my rooms, pacing, thinking, pondering what to do about the commoner. "Why does he trouble me so?"

"Uh-hem...Pardon me, my queen. I have brought the boy you asked for." Xavier replied to my thinking aloud, bringing the one theing I have yet to figure out.

"Good day, m'lady. Wonderful, palace you have, no?"

"Xavier, leave us."

"Yes, my queen," he muttered as he left. The door closed with a thud. I concentrated on that door wanting to think of nothing else.
I looked at him then, but could find no words. His deep eyes entranced me. If I wasn't careful, this man would be the death of me. A mere saying, but as I say it, power and a feeling of emergency passed through me. I was only taken out of my thoughts by the feel of his gaze sweeping over me as if I were a prize to be won.

"Do not lay your eyes upon me fool! You wait until I grant you permission." I was heated with reage. So bold, this man. He knows nothing of the rules of royalty: either that or he is being too forward on his own will.

"Forgive me, my lady," he said with a smirk. "I only wish to see your beautiful face. It is unlike any of the others here in Egypt, my queen...You're the only on that looks"

I was taken aback by this strange comment. The was no way I looked like him. I turned toward my full-lenth mirror to humor him. "What have the cruel Gods set upon me?! Dear Ra, have you lost faith in your servant? I looked back at the man. A malicious smile was on his face.
Here in Egypt--sandy,hot, tan Egypt--everyone is dark. Not dark as night, but tan. How can it be that I do not have my color anymore? How? I stared at my reflection once more, taking in the pale woman with blue-black hair and brighter emerald green eyes. How?I've lost my color. How will my people regaurd me? Will they follow one not of their color? It is likely they will revolt.

"You tell him to leave because you find me intriuging, no? You know, it is I that has caused your color change. My gaze tend to do that.

My head snapped up at that. "What?" I asked, unable to find more words.

"It's true. If I choose to, I'll catch your gaze and make you half mine. There is only one more task I must complete to make you fully mine.

Aristiqua, isn't it? Yes your mother made a good choice for a name. I'll allow you to keep it.

And with that, I became his love, fledgling, and friend. Nothing is so different from life than vampirism.