Whip Me, Beat Me, Make Me Bleed...

by Veronica Crabtree

"Big night tonight, huh guys?"

"Sure is Freddy. Now give me a bloody beer." Eoric replied. What a bloody bugger, that bus driver. Eoric just wanted a beer before the performance tonight. He should be happy about his band's record going platinum, but all he could think about was Aristika.

What a woman. He had never laid eyes on a better looking woman her age. Even at ninety-three she still had a great body with a stylish face. All of the band was jealous. "Well, they'll just have to get over it." he spoke without knowing it.

"What was that?" Freddy asked.

"Hmm? What? Nothing."

"Alright..."Freddy did not like seeing the band like this. Angelic Demise was at it's worst. Ever since that old bag had arrived, none of them had been able to concentrate. It was a shame really. The band was great, they just lacked focus.

"Hey boys..."

Freddy turned away in disgust, everyoneelse looked happier than they have ever been. Eoric was the happiest of all. In her leather corset and pants, she was the hottest thing in the world in his mind. She wore handcuffs as bracelets and carried a whip everwhere she went. Her gothic make-up made it ever better. Overall, she was his "Gothic Dominatrix".

"Hello Kitten." He beamed at Aristika.

As he greeted her, the rest of the band left grudgingly. Freddy was purely revolted. Never had he seen a more disturbing sight. Even though Freddy liked her style, it simply just did not go with her body at all. Wrinkles and loose skin was everywhere. Gothic or not, this woman was ugly.

Oh well, it wasn't his choice. He was only a bus driver after all. Yet, no matter how hard he tried, he could not get along with her. She was really nice, but she really agitated him.

"All right, everybody off."Freddy said as he pulled into the parking lot of the concert hall. It was nearly nine p.m. and the boys had one hour until showtime.

Sometime later, Freddy was walking and drinking some beer. He didn't usually drink, but tonight was a special night. After this, he'd get a raise. He was passing the bus when he spotted a bit of graffiti on the side. "Kids these days."he said. He mused to himself about what it might say, but soon got tried and strode over to the side of the bus.

In ink, someone had written "necrofiliac." "Huh?...That's dumb." After he washed it off, he would go inside.
"Nine-forty-five." Almost time. He started walking, but soon stumbled on something very large. He caught himself and looked over at the culprit. It was the kid. There was ink all over him. It was tooo dark to see his face. He was passed out; not uncommon with all of the people that get get drunk at these parties. He decided he would get some help for him, so he took the kid's wallet for identifacation.
He stood up straight and started for the door. He had a weird feeling that someone was behind him, so he turned around to scrutinize his surroundings. Only nothing was there. He started to turn back around, but something caught his eye by the kid. He couldn't make out what it was in the dark, so he slipped it in his pocket.

On the way to the door, he had found two more kids that had been with the other, for they all had ink on them as well. He took their wallets as before and finally went inside. Anothier glimpse at his watch told him it was nine-fifty-eight and he heard the emcee start to introduce the band. It was light in here so he decided he should check out the Id's.

His eyes went wide as he checked the first ID. Slowly he looked at the otheres. His face went grim as he realized who they were. Slowly he pulled out the object he'd found by the first kid. Now he was horrified. What was on his hands put hiim into a state of shock.

Blood. O, dear lord, it was blood.The three band mates were dead, not unconcious. With the sudden realization, the curtain opened revealing the most gruesome sight.

On the floor lay poor Eoric with a knife in his chest. Blood was everywhere. He was dead, but what lay on top of him was worse. Covered in blood atop his body, was Aristika. Blood ran down her mouth. She was performing necrofilia. Freddy looked down to his hand, devestated.

The whip was stained with blood.